COLUMBUS – Governor John R. Kasich today signed into law House Bill 177, which imposes criminal penalties for knowingly distributing counterfeit airbags to be installed in vehicles. This bill aims to protect Ohio’s drivers by preventing these crimes from happening.

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Burke Announces 60 New Jobs Coming To Scotts Facility In Marysville


"The grass continues to grow greener in the 26th Senate District," said Burke. "As companies continue to invest in leading technology and high-paying jobs, I applaud Scott’s commitment to the area and look forward to working with their growing company in the future." 


Burke Announces Senate Update To Outdated Physician Assistant And Nurse Practitioner Laws


"Making these laws current is an important step in our efforts to reduce Ohio's health care costs and improve health outcomes," Burke added.


Senator Burke Announces Passage Of Bill To Help Veterans Receive Medical Benefits


"With the sixth largest population of veterans in the country, having over 875,000 across the state, Ohio must continue to be a leader in veterans services," said Burke.


Senator Burke Applauds Final Pillar Of Pill Mill Legislation


“The new regulations issued by the Board of Pharmacy play a crucial role in achieving the goals of the pill mill legislation,” said Burke. “Now whenever individuals are left with excess medication, or that of a passed loved one, there will be an easy, convenient, and safe process to go about disposing of those drugs. Taking the responsibility to dispose of these drugs is important to protect the health and safety of Ohio's families and communities.”