COLUMBUS – Governor John R. Kasich today signed into law House Bill 177, which imposes criminal penalties for knowingly distributing counterfeit airbags to be installed in vehicles. This bill aims to protect Ohio’s drivers by preventing these crimes from happening.

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Burke Announces Senate Passage Of Legislation To Improve Emergency Access To Life-Saving Medicine


“By revising the consult agreement statute we will improve patient care by reducing unnecessary administrative paperwork, and most importantly, improving disease management to help individuals with chronic conditions live long and prosperous lives,” Burke said.


Senate Proposal Improves Health Outcomes For Ohioans


This is a small glimpse into the continued innovation in the health care arena in the State of Ohio, not only in this budget and in the Medicaid system, but in the health care arena as a whole. Ohio is doing great things and we must continue to support these programs. However, we must accept that not all of our outcomes are positive. We must be innovative and aggressive to improve outcomes. This budget offers a strong foundation for the future and will continue to grow a healthier Ohio.


Burke Announces Historic Tax Cuts And Investments In Education


“The Senate’s budget proposal makes state government more accountable and fiscally responsible by reducing proposed spending by $1.7 billion and increasing services to those who are most in need to help lift folks up and out of poverty and toward a sustainable career,” said Senator Burke.


Burke Announces Rollout Of Senate Budget Bill With $1.7 Billion Net Tax Cut


"The Senate’s approach to create a more sustainable and fiscally responsible healthcare system, by reducing proposed spending by $1.7 billion and increasing services available to those who need them most in the process, is an extraordinary accomplishment," Burke said. "Through increased collaboration and case management, this plan will help lift folks up and out of poverty by providing them with the resources needed to begin a sustainable career."