Joint Legislative Committee on E-School Funding
The committee will study and report recommendations for a funding system for internet- and computer-based community schools, and the expense categories for which a school management company must provide a detailed accounting.

November 29, 2018

Agenda for November 29, 2018
General Submissions
National Conference of State Legislatures Virtual Funding Testimony
NCSL Virtual Funding Presentation
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools Virutal School Funding Testimony
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools Virtual Funding Presentation
Education Commission of the States E-School Management Presentation
Fordham Institute Virtual Funding Testimony

November 15, 2018

Agenda for November 15, 2018
General Submissions
LSC E-School Funding Presentation
Ohio Department of Education E-School Funding Presentation
Ohio Auditor of State E-School Funding Testimony
Ohio Auditor of State Expanded Footnote Disclosure for Community School Operators
LSC Memo on E-School Operations
LSC Memo on E-School Legislative History
LSC Memo on E-School Enrollment and Performance
LSC Memo 50 State Survey of For-Profit Operators
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