S. B. No. 14
General Assembly: 132
Short Title: Address domestic worker pay
Long Title: To amend sections 4111.02, 4111.08, 4111.10, 4111.13, 4111.14, 4111.99, 4112.01, and 4112.05 and to enact sections 4111.021, 4111.031, and 4112.025 of the Revised Code to require that domestic workers be paid the higher of the minimum wage provided in Section 34a of Article II, Ohio Constitution, or the minimum wage provided in the Fair Labor Standards Act, to require that domestic workers be paid overtime wages, to make certain conduct directed toward a domestic worker an unlawful discriminatory practice, and to require a weekly day of rest for domestic workers.
Primary Sponsor(s): Senator Tavares
Introduced In Senate
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Passed by Senate
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Passed by House
Sent to Governor

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