S. B. No. 179
General Assembly: 132
Short Title: Authorize automatic dissolution of LLCs and business name alerts
Long Title: To amend sections 1701.86, 1702.27, 1702.30, 1702.33, 1702.38, 1702.521, 1702.53, 1702.55, 1705.06, 1705.14, 1705.43, 1705.44, 1705.46, 1705.48, and 1745.05 and to enact sections 111.35, 1702.341, 1702.531, 1705.431, and 1705.441 of the Revised Code to automatically dissolve a limited liability company under certain circumstances, to authorize the Secretary of State to implement an electronic notification system to alert a person if a business name containing a specific word has been registered, to specify procedures for continuing a limited liability company whose last remaining member ceases to be a member, to modify the law governing dissolved limited liability companies, to allow a dissolving corporation to provide to the Secretary of State a specified affidavit instead of a certificate from the Department of Taxation showing that the corporation has paid all required taxes, to modify the law governing nonprofit corporations, and to allow a religious organization to choose to be considered an unincorporated nonprofit association.
Primary Sponsor(s): Senator LaRose
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Frank LaRose
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