S. B. No. 201
General Assembly: 132
Short Title: Enact Reagan Tokes Law-indefinite prison terms
Long Title: To amend sections 109.42, 121.22, 149.43, 1901.021, 2903.06, 2903.08, 2903.11, 2903.12, 2905.01, 2905.32, 2907.02, 2907.03, 2907.05, 2907.07, 2907.321, 2907.322, 2907.323, 2919.22, 2919.25, 2921.321, 2921.36, 2923.132, 2925.01, 2925.02, 2925.03, 2925.04, 2925.041, 2925.05, 2925.11, 2929.01, 2929.13, 2929.14, 2929.142, 2929.15, 2929.18, 2929.19, 2929.191, 2929.20, 2929.61, 2930.16, 2943.032, 2953.08, 2967.01, 2967.021, 2967.03, 2967.13, 2967.19, 2967.191, 2967.193, 2967.26, 2967.28, 2971.03, 3719.99, 5120.021, 5120.53, 5120.66, and 5120.80 and to enact sections 109.68, 2901.011, 2929.144, 2967.271, and 5120.038 of the Revised Code to provide for indefinite prison terms for first or second degree felonies, with presumptive release of offenders sentenced to such a term at the end of the minimum term; to generally allow the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction with approval of the sentencing court to reduce the minimum term for exceptional conduct or adjustment to incarceration; to allow the Department to rebut the release presumption and keep the offender in prison up to the maximum term if it makes specified findings; to require the Adult Parole Authority to study the feasibility of certain GPS monitoring functions; to prioritize funding for residential service contracts that reduce homeless offenders; to name those provisions of the act the Reagan Tokes Law; to include conduct involving an impaired person within certain sex offenses relating to conduct involving a minor; to require the Attorney General to create and maintain a statewide tracking system for the processing of sexual assault examination kits; and to eliminate the requirement that one of the judges of the Wayne County Municipal Court sit within the municipal corporation of Orrville.
Primary Sponsor(s): Senator Bacon, Senator O'Brien
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Kevin Bacon
Sean O'Brien
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