S. B. No. 213
General Assembly: 132
Short Title: Improve economic and employment opportunities and infrastructure
Long Title: To amend sections 122.17, 122.171, 122.174, 321.24, 323.152, 323.153, 4503.065, 4503.066, 5104.30, 5725.98, 5726.98, 5729.98, 5747.01, 5747.02, 5747.98, 5748.01, and 5751.98 and to enact sections 122.084, 122.178, 122.891, 5709.29, 5747.61, 5751.55, 6301.021, 6303.01, and 6303.02 of the Revised Code to enhance economic and employment opportunities and improve local infrastructure in Ohio by providing additional assistance to workforce development and employment programs; establishing a revolving loan program for small businesses seeking to expand operations; extending job tax credits to smaller businesses; enabling expanded participation in public sector contracting by smaller companies; enhancing support for child care centers; funding additional local infrastructure and public transit; authorizing tax incentives for hiring military veterans, for donating money to local programs assisting distressed communities, or for improving distressed property; exempting the homes of disabled veterans from property taxation; terminating the income tax deduction and reduced tax rate for business income; and to make an appropriation.
Primary Sponsor(s): Senator Schiavoni
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Joseph Schiavoni

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