S. B. No. 231
General Assembly: 132
Short Title: Create violent offender database and address offender releases
Long Title: To amend sections 2929.34, 2967.121, 5120.07, and 5120.114, to enact sections 2903.41, 2903.42, 2903.421, 2903.43, and 2903.44, and to repeal section 2967.122 of the Revised Code to provide for a violent offender database, establish a presumption that violent offenders must enroll in the database for ten years, establish procedures for a violent offender to rebut the presumption and avoid the duty and procedures for court extension of the duty and termination of an extended duty, and name those provisions of the act "Sierah's Law;" to modify the membership and duties of the Ex-Offender Reentry Coalition and eliminate its repeal; to require halfway houses to use the single validated risk assessment tool for adult offenders that the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction has developed; and to provide that the notice of release from prison of specified serious offense offenders that is given to sheriffs is to be the same as that provided to prosecuting attorneys and eliminate the notice to sheriffs regarding pardons, commutations, paroles, and transitional control transfers of offenders.
Primary Sponsor(s): Senator Gardner
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Randy Gardner
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