S. B. No. 255
General Assembly: 132
Short Title: Reform occupational licensing
Long Title: To amend sections 109.572, 121.08, 2925.01, 4713.01, 4713.69, 4735.181, 4735.99, 4776.10, and 4776.20, to enact sections 9.78, 101.62, 101.63, 101.64, 101.65, 103.26, 103.27, 4735.22, 4764.01 to 4764.21, 4764.99, 4798.01, 4798.02, and 4798.03, of the Revised Code to establish a statewide policy on occupational regulation, to allow an individual who has been convicted of a criminal offense to request a licensing authority to determine whether the individual is disqualified from receiving or holding a professional license based on conviction, to require standing committees of the General Assembly to periodically review occupational licensing boards regarding their sunset, to require the Legislative Service Commission to issue reports of occupational licensing bills and state regulation of occupations, to require the licensure of home inspectors, to create the Ohio Home Inspector Board to regulate the licensure and performance of home inspectors, to require realtors who recommend home inspectors to provide a list of home inspectors, and to regulate the practice of makeup artistry.
Primary Sponsor(s): Senator McColley
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Rob McColley
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