S. B. No. 273
General Assembly: 132
Short Title: Define "rating agency"
Long Title: To amend sections 3905.30, 3905.33, 3905.423, 3905.426, 3937.25, 3937.28, 3955.05, 3960.11, and 3963.02, to enact sections 1.65, 3901.91, 3905.332, 3937.47, 3965.01, 3965.02, 3965.03, 3965.04, 3965.05, 3965.06, 3965.07, 3965.08, 3965.09, 3965.10, and 3965.11, and to repeal section 3905.425 of the Revised Code to enact for the Revised Code a definition of the term "insurance rating agency"; to establish standards for data security and for the investigation of and notification to the Superintendent of Insurance of a cybersecurity event; regarding motor vehicle ancillary product protection contracts and motor vehicle service contracts; to authorize domestic surplus lines insurers; regarding cancellation of certain insurance policies; and regarding the regulatory authority of the Superintendent of Insurance.
Primary Sponsor(s): Senator Hackett
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