S. B. No. 288
General Assembly: 132
Short Title: Revise firearms and ordnance control laws
Long Title: To amend sections 2151.34, 2903.213, 2903.214, 2919.26, 2923.11, 2923.13, 2923.18, 2923.20, 2923.23, 3113.31, and 3113.99, to enact sections 3113.26, 3113.27, 3113.28, 3113.29, and 3113.30, and to repeal section 2923.14 of the Revised Code to expand the definition of dangerous ordnance to include armor piercing ammunition and expand the definition of an automatic firearm to include any device within the federal definition of machine gun; to create additional conditions under which an individual may not possess a firearm or dangerous ordnance and to eliminate the process by which an individual may apply for relief from a weapons disability; to generally prohibit a person from buying, purchasing, obtaining, or furnishing a firearm on behalf of a third party; to provide for the entry of protection orders into the federal NCIC database and LEADS; and to provide for the issuance by a court of an extreme risk protection order.
Primary Sponsor(s): Senator Eklund, Senator Kunze
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Passed by House
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John Eklund
Stephanie Kunze

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