S. B. No. 296
General Assembly: 132
Short Title: Provide health benefits to survivors of safety officers
Long Title: To amend sections 101.27, 141.01, 141.011, 141.04, 325.03, 325.04, 325.06, 325.08, 325.09, 325.10, 325.11, 325.14, 325.15, 325.18, 505.24, 507.09, 742.63, and 3501.12 and to enact sections 101.61, 107.71, and 124.824 of the Revised Code to revise the payments that surviving family members receive from the Ohio Public Safety Officers Death Benefit Fund and to permit surviving spouses and children to participate in the health, dental, and vision benefits offered to state employees as if the survivors were employees of this state; to increase the compensation of elected public officers through 2028; to create the Public Office Compensation Advisory Commission; to create the Office of InnovateOhio; to allow the Lieutenant Governor to receive the salary of the head of an office within the Governor's office in lieu of the Lieutenant Governor's statutory salary; and to declare an emergency.
Primary Sponsor(s): Senator Hottinger
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Jay Hottinger
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