S. B. No. 8
General Assembly: 132
Short Title: Establish 1:1 School Facilities Option Program
Long Title: To amend sections 107.036, 122.174, 307.678, 311.29, 1901.32, 1907.53, 3309.374, 3333.051, 5595.04, 5595.13, 5709.48, 5709.49, 5709.50, 5725.98, 5729.98, 5733.40, 5739.01, 5739.09, 5739.213, and 5902.02, to enact sections 122.15, 122.151, 122.152, 122.153, 122.154, 122.155, 122.156, 1901.321, 1907.531, and 3318.39, and to repeal sections 126.211 and 3345.58 of the Revised Code and to amend Sections 259.100, 265.220, 265.233, 291.20, 297.10, 381.371, 395.10, 395.20, 413.50, and 512.12 of H.B. 49 of the 132nd General Assembly and Section 229.30 of S.B. 310 of the 131st General Assembly, as subsequently amended, to establish the 1:1 School Facilities Option Program, to revise the law regarding applied bachelor's degree programs offered at two-year state institutions of higher education, to modify the schedule for phasing down tangible personal property tax reimbursement payments to school districts, to modify the payment cap in the school funding formula, to modify the law governing the establishment and operation of transportation financing districts, to modify county funding sources for a tourism development district, to modify the veterans organizations grant program, to allow county sheriffs to contract with municipal courts and county courts for the transportation of persons between the county jail and a county court or municipal court, to make deputy sheriffs ex officio bailiffs of county courts and municipal courts, to revise eligibility for School Employees Retirement System pension and benefit recipients' annual cost-of-living adjustments, to repeal a provision regarding acceptance of prior college courses by state institutions of higher education, to authorize a tax credit for insurance companies that provide capital to investment funds investing in businesses in rural areas, to exempt corrective eyeglasses and contact lenses from sales and use tax beginning July 1, 2019, to provide that wages and guaranteed payments paid by a professional employer organization to the owner of a pass-through entity that has contracted with the organization may be considered business income, to make appropriations, to modify earmarks, and to make changes to reappropriations for grants related to the Lakes in Economic Distress Revolving Loan Program.
Primary Sponsor(s): Senator Gardner, Senator Terhar
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Randy Gardner
Lou Terhar
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