Today Governor John R. Kasich and Senate President Keith Faber (R-Celina) issued the following statement regarding S.B. 310 (Balderson), legislation that initiates a process to update Ohio’s renewable energy mandates:

"The well-intentioned strategy developed in 2008 to encourage alternative energy generation mandated levels which are now emerging as a challenge to job creation and Ohio's economic recovery. They are simply unrealistic and will drive up energy costs for job creators and consumers.  However, alternative energy sources are an important component of Ohio’s diverse energy portfolio, which is why we've rejected the notion of scrapping Ohio's renewable standards.  Instead, by temporarily holding at our current level while problems are ironed out, we keep the progress we've made, ensure we steadily grow new energy sources and preserve affordable energy prices for both businesses and consumers.”


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LaRose Announces Passage Of Legislation To Shed Light On Problem Of Student Violence Against Educators


"The dedicated professionals who devote their lives to educating our students should be able to do their jobs without the fear of violence," said LaRose. "Ohio's leaders deserve our support and protection." 


Senate Votes To Raise Awareness For Rett Syndrome


"Unfortunately, Rett Syndrome has received little funding for research compared to diseases like Cystic Fibrosis and ALS, which occur with the same frequency. My hope is that increased awareness will be accompanied by a more robust investment in research for a cure."


Hughes Announces Passage Of Legislation To Improve Response Time Of Emergency Vehicles


"Even a few seconds can make the difference between life or death for a person an emergency vehicle is trying to reach," added Hughes. "I feel the responsibility to do everything in my power to make the public aware of the law and motivated to help our emergency vehicles pass as quickly as possible."


Hughes Announces Passage Of Legislation To Prevent Identity Theft By Restricting Access To Death Certificates


"Grieving families should not have to deal with the added burden of identity theft," said Hughes. "There is no really good reason for any member of the public to have the unqualified authorization to access a death certificate containing personal information."