(Columbus) – Ohio Senate President Keith Faber issued the following statement today regarding proposed Right to Work legislation in the Ohio House of Representatives:

“We have an ambitious agenda focused on job creation and economic recovery, and Right to Work legislation is not on that list. After discussions with other leaders and my caucus, I don’t believe there is current support for this issue in the General Assembly. The only purpose this discussion serves right now is to generate a bunch of breathless fundraising appeals from the Ohio Democratic Party.”

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Peterson Honors Ohio Royalty


"As we prepare for Ohio's county fairs season, it's fitting that we take a moment to recognize Sarah Everhart who will travel across Ohio in the coming months representing our state's rich agricultural heritage at our many county fairs," said Peterson. 


Balderson Honors Service Of Retiring Zane State President


"Dr. Brown has been an exemplary leader for Zane State, as evidenced by the school's unprecedented growth during his tenure as president," said Balderson. "During my time in the legislature, I have valued the friendship of Dr. Brown and admired his dedication to higher education. He has championed efforts to position Zane State as a workforce and economic development centerpiece for the region."


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Ohio Senate Continues Work On State Budget Priorities


The Governor and the Ohio House of Representatives have each weighed in on these questions. It is now the Senate’s turn, and we will be making many changes over the coming month. The 3,000-page budget bill is constantly changing and many issues are in flux. My overarching focus, however, will remain the same:  to improve the state’s economy and to let you, the taxpayer, keep more of your hard-earned money.