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Featured Posts

Obhof Honors City Of Ashland At Bicentennial Celebration


"Despite the rain, it is a bright day for this wonderful city as we gather to celebrate another milestone and look ahead to a prosperous future for the Ashland community," said Obhof. "I'd like to thank Mayor Stewart, the Ashland city council and the event organizers whose commitment and determination made this celebration possible."


Eklund Announces Senate Passage Of State Budget, Lowering Taxes And Investing In Education


“This balanced budget builds on our continuing efforts to help Ohioans keeps more of their money to invest in education and workforce development, to encourage job creation and take care of those in need,” said Eklund. “Ohio's improving performance has also allowed us to tackle some specific needs right here in our community through the budget.” 


Uecker Announces Senate Passage Of Legislation To Eliminate Costly, Unfair Residency Restrictions


"Our bill is simple: it's about lowering costs for Ohio's cities; and eliminating baseless stipulations some cities have placed on small businesses that would otherwise be willing to perform higher quality work at a lower cost," said Uecker.


Burke Announces Senate Passage Of Legislation To Improve Emergency Access To Life-Saving Medicine


“By revising the consult agreement statute we will improve patient care by reducing unnecessary administrative paperwork, and most importantly, improving disease management to help individuals with chronic conditions live long and prosperous lives,” Burke said.