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Featured Posts

October 2nd Is National Manufacturing Day


October 2nd is National Manufacturing Day and a great opportunity to highlight how Ohio continues to partner with manufacturers to address skilled labor shortages, connect with future generations, and collaborate on the most cutting-edge technology.  


LaRose Announces Investment To Bring 400 New Jobs To Wayne County


"This investment is an exciting opportunity to bring high-quality jobs to Wayne County," said LaRose. "This is a great example of the job growth we seek by ensuring that Ohio is a favorable place to do business. This investment will further add to J.M. Smucker Co.'s heritage as a great local business."


Balderson Announces Funds To Zane State Health Sciences Project


“This project will help enhance the quality of education for Zane State College students,” said Balderson. "It is important that we make smart investments that provide the necessary environment to excel in the classroom and beyond."



Widener Releases Statement On Navistar's Investment In Springfield Plant, Adding 300 New Jobs


“We are thrilled to have this opportunity to grow jobs at the Navistar Springfield plant,” said Widener. “This bold move by Navistar shows confidence in the business climate in Ohio that we have created by removing barriers on employers and in the experience and work ethic of our Clark, Champaign and Miami county workforce. We’re ready to support Navistar and their new production in Springfield.”