Columbus- Today, Senator Joe Schiavoni (D-Boardman) announced he will be introducing legislation to create greater oversight in Ohio’s charter schools equivalent to what is found in traditional public districts.  The bill aims to strengthen charter school accountability, transparency as well as create uniform standards with traditional public schools through the implementation of the following:


  • Require the state Auditor to do an annual audit of each charter school
  • Require charter schools to follow public records laws the same as traditional public schools
  • Prohibit charter schools from using taxpayer dollars for advertising, recruiting, or promotional materials


  • Ensure that charter school teachers are evaluated by the same methods as traditional public school teachers and that they are licensed the same and are paid equivalently
  • Require that upon a student’s transfer from one school to another, the report cards of both schools are given to the parents of that student 

Uniform Standards  

  • Require that schools follow the same course of study requirements, disciplinary standards, and that school board members abide by the same standards

Along with these new requirements, the legislation would also strengthen the charter school closure laws to prevent a repetition of failure in schools that the state deems unable to meet the necessary standards. 

The legislation follows the recent introduction of Ohio’s new school report card system that grades both public and charter schools on the same scale.  A recent study by the Columbus Dispatch found that 87 percent of the state’s charter school students attend a school that has either a D or an F in meeting state performance standards. 

“This is not about the different approaches to education but the fundamental idea that every child deserves to attend a quality school,” Sen. Schiavoni said.  “We need to be stringent on all schools in order to not only protect our taxpayers’ investments, but most importantly make certain that we are preparing our young people to be successful.”

Sen. Schiavoni will ask the Chairperson of the Senate Education committee to hold hearings on the bill when the Senate returns from summer recess.  

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