Senator Schaffer presents a resolutino to Zachery Hanf.

COLUMBUS–Senator Tim Schaffer (R–Lancaster) today honored two Ohio athletes on the Senate floor for their outstanding achievements. Zachery Hanf took first place in the first ever shot-put title as a high school wheel chair athlete, and Jeffery Lowery won the 2013 American Motorcycle Association Dirt Track Championship.
Hanf was a gifted athlete, who ran 345 days a year, and became an All-Ohioan his junior year of high school. Last October, he was involved in a severe car accident and spent two months in the hospital. Through his hard work and dedication, Hanf became the first high school wheel chair athlete to win the shot-put title with a record-setting throw of 19.5 feet. Throughout his recovery, Hanf managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA.
“Over the summer, I came across Zach’s story in the paper and was both amazed inspired by his hard work in overcoming overwhelming circumstances,” said Schaffer. “Through his struggles, he’s showed great perseverance and character.”
Lowery recently became the Dirt Track Grand Champion for the 2013 American Motorcycle Association. Lowery also took home the AMA Dirt Track Horizon Award at this year’s Amateur Nationals. Lowery is an honor student at Licking Valley High School, and is thinking of choosing engineering as a future career path.
“Jeffrey has been featured in countless racing magazines, and has proven his dedication to his sport and studies,” Schaffer said. “He’s made some great achievements and I wish him the best of luck as he moves forward in his academic and professional career.”

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