Senate District 11
Edna Brown
Senator Brown Testifies on Bill to Protect New Homeowners from Water Liens
June 6, 2018
Today, Senator Edna Brown (D-Toledo) testified on Senate Bill 75 before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. The bill helps protect homeowners from facing unforeseen property liens due to a previous owner’s unpaid water bills.

“Under current law, water authorities may place tax liens on a property for water bills of any age, regardless of changes in ownership to the home,” said Senator Brown. “As a result, people may be unexpectedly burdened with the debts of others because the outstanding charges were not reported in a timely manner. That’s simply unfair.”

SB 75 provides a buyer or seller of a property the opportunity to request and pay a final water bill at the time the property is sold. A county or city would be prohibited from placing a lien on the property for water bills in arrears if none were reported at the time of purchase.

“This issue came to my attention when a homeowner in my district unknowingly had property taxes diverted to pay on a 20-year-old delinquent water bill from a previous owner,” said Senator Brown. “This bill will help us protect homeowners, improve government efficiency and it’s the right thing to do.”

More information about SB 75 can be found here.
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