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Matt Dolan
Dolan And Manning Partner With Local Law Enforcement To Increase Penalties For Promoting Prostitution
February 27, 2018
Senator Matt Dolan (left) and Cuyahoga County Detective, John Morgan (right) after Senate Judiciary Committee proponent testimony on Senate Bill 244.

COLUMBUS—State Senator Matt Dolan (R-Chagrin Falls) and State Senator Gayle Manning (R-North Ridgeville) are working together with the Department of Homeland Security as well as federal and local law enforcement agencies to increase criminal penalties for individuals who are convicted of promoting prostitution in Ohio.

The crime of promoting prostitution prohibits a person from knowingly taking part in the creation or operation of any enterprise that facilitates engagement in sexual activity for hire, such as a brothel.

Detective John Morgan, of Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department, has been a leading voice in the development of Senate Bill 244, working closely with state and local leaders to drive this piece of legislation. Morgan is currently assigned to the Ohio Attorney General’s Northeast Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force.

During today's Senate Judiciary Committee he highlighted the importance of passing Senate Bill 244 in the state's ongoing fight to end human trafficking.

"The escalated penalties will assist society in reducing the recidivism rate of these offenders, more stringent penalties will deter future crimes, the impact on victims may be minimized and future victims protected," said Detective Morgan. "Tangentially, the opioid addiction rate may be reduced due to the lack of offenders introducing narcotics to these victims or exacerbating a pre-existing addiction."

"By providing the means to adequately penalize offenders, these increased penalties are necessary changes the justice system needs to counter this cruel industry," said Senator Dolan.


"We have found a direct link between human trafficking and prostitution in our state," said Manning. "In some ways, it is similar to the opioid epidemic in that it can destroy the lives of Ohioans who get trapped in a cycle that they cannot emerge from by themselves."

This legislation compliments a series of bills passed over the last several years aimed at combatting human trafficking, through better enforcement, increased penalties and efforts to promote greater public awareness. 


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