Senate District 18
John Eklund
iDEA Growth Demonstrates Economic Benefits of Legal Sports Betting and Online Gaming during Sen. Eklund's Roundtable
October 11, 2018

Columbus, OH – Oct. 10, 2018 During a meeting with state lawmakers, iDEA Growth advocated for the establishment of a well-regulated iGaming framework for sports betting in Ohio, which would result in significant revenue opportunities for the state.

iDEA Growth participated in a roundtable discussion on legalized sports betting hosted by State Senators John Eklund (R-District 18) and Sean O’Brien (D-District 32) and included representatives from the gaming industry, horse racing and local universities. iDEA Growth also discussed how the proper regulatory framework would ensure player protections.

Jeff Ifrah, founder of iDEA Growth, said, “We commend Sen. Eklund for hosting this important discussion about legitimizing a pastime that is already taking place unregulated and offshore. Regulated, legalized sports betting and online gaming can be an economic windfall for Ohio to fund priority needs for the state. Research we commissioned in New Jersey demonstrates the financial success that can be achieved. We look forward to working with Senators Eklund and O’Brien to help them devise a bill that will be most beneficial to Ohio.”

State Senator John Eklund, stated, “This meeting was one of a series of educational meetings and discussions that we are having on sports betting to gather research and the facts on the industry and potential impacts on Ohio. I look forward to working closely with my colleagues in the Senate, as well as continuing discussions with industry leaders like iDEA Growth, to explore the prospects for bipartisan legislation. If we proceed down that path, it would only be through a strong, effective regulatory framework guided by the best interests of the residents of Ohio and our economy.”

State Senator Sean O’Brien, said, “After the Supreme Court ruling in May, Senator Eklund and I realized it would only be a matter of time before legal sports betting came to Ohio, and we wanted to get out ahead of it, legislatively. Our goal with these meetings is to receive input from all interested parties and begin the process of ensuring that the final version of any legislation we may introduce is as beneficial as possible to everyone in the Buckeye State.”

Source:  iDEA (iDevelopment and Economic Association) is a 501(c)(3) association which seeks to grow jobs and expand the online interactive gaming business in the United States through advocacy and education. The Association’s membership is comprised of national and international businesses with online interactive entertainment platforms operating or considering operating in the United States.

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