Senate District 18
John Eklund
May 6, 2015
“The heights to which the Chardon Cheerleading Competitive Squad has risen is yet another reflection of the pursuit of excellence that is the hallmark of Chardon Schools," said Eklund.  “We are all very proud of these young ladies and we know great things lie ahead for them.”
April 29, 2015
"This bill will go a long way toward protecting Ohioans from the worst of the worst threats to the public safety," said Eklund. "Violent career criminals must be taken and kept off our streets."
April 16, 2015
"It’s high time we helped remove outdated disincentives to saving for our fellow Ohioans with disabilities.  Encouraging them and their loved ones to put money away for school, transportation, wellness and other needs will not just help improve their quality of life – it will strengthen our economy as a whole," said Eklund.
March 25, 2015
“Justice delayed is justice denied,” said Eklund, who chairs the Senate's Criminal Justice Committee.  “We owe it to victims to make sure justice is served in the most complete, effective and efficient way possible. I appreciate the partnership of the victim advocacy groups, law enforcement and the legal community on this legislation."
March 6, 2015
"The new rules try to be all things to all communities, and in the process they are likely to impose burdens that are inappropriate for some," said Eklund. "Communities with proven track records of outstanding attention to these public health issues should be allowed to continue their good work with practices and procedures that have been effective and suitable to their circumstances."
March 3, 2015
Senator John Eklund delivered testimony before a senate committee today for a bill that would grant counties the ability to control traffic on local roadways.
February 18, 2015
State Senator John Eklund announced the passage of Senate Bill 1 today, which continues the state's effort to fight toxic algae in Ohio waterways and ensure clean drinking water for Ohioans. 
January 15, 2015
Senator Eklund today addressed the annual Human Trafficking Awareness Day conference at the Ohio Statehouse.
November 8, 2014
A Veterans Day message from Senator John Eklund.  
May 28, 2014
The Ohio Senate today passed Senate Bill 288, sponsored by Senator John Eklund, to create the Volunteer Police Officer’s Dependent Fund. The fund would function in the same manner as the already established volunteer firefighters dependents fund.
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