Senate District 10
Bob D. Hackett
June 15, 2017
"A child gone missing is every parent’s worst nightmare turned into reality," said State Senator Bob Hackett (R-London), who sponsored the bill in the Ohio Senate. "We want to reassure families that we join them in their resolve to bring their child home, no matter how much time has passed. We owe it to these families to do all we can to inform the public and support efforts to find their missing children."
May 10, 2017
"I am pleased to recognize such a hard-working and kind group of young ladies," said Senator Hackett. "They have represented their school and our community with pride and this accomplishment speaks to their commitment to excellence."
April 5, 2017
"Too often, crimes of violence involve young and vulnerable victims who are unable to protect themselves," said State Senator Bob Hackett (R-London), who sponsored this legislation.
March 29, 2017
"It has been my pleasure to support important efforts to improve the quality of life for those struggling with mental illness in my community and across the state of Ohio," said Senator Hackett. "I am honored to receive this award and will continue to be a champion for individuals and families affected by mental illnesses."
March 28, 2017
"For any parent, a child going missing is a worst nightmare turned into reality," said Senator Hackett. "We want to reassure families that we join them in their resolve to bring their child home, no matter how much time has past."
March 28, 2017
COLUMBUS—State Senator Bob Hackett (R-London) will join State Representative Jay Edwards (R-Nelsonville) and other state lawmakers for a press conference on Wednesday to announce legislative efforts aimed at battling Ohio’s drug epidemic through prescription drug reforms.
March 22, 2017
"This bipartisan effort redirects dollars back to the local governments, allowing for overdue construction and maintenance repairs of Ohio's transportation system," said State Senator Bob Hackett (R-London). "Investing in these infrastructure projects provides job opportunities for Ohioan's as well as a pathway for long-term economic growth." 
March 9, 2017
"Air transport services play an important, potentially life-saving, role in emergency care," said Senator Hackett. "When a life is on the line, these services significantly reduce delays in getting patients the treatment they so desperately need."
February 14, 2017
"I look forward to working with the council to develop innovative programs aimed at increasing efficiency and reducing cost burdens on our local governments, ultimately saving taxpayer dollars," said Hackett. 
February 7, 2017
"I am grateful for the opportunity to help lead several important policy initiatives as legislation is considered in these Senate committees," said Hackett. "Together, my colleagues and I look forward to addressing issues that will help provide opportunities for all Ohio families."
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