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Stephanie Kunze
Kunze Honors Military Children and Families in the State of Ohio
April 11, 2018
State Senators Stephanie Kunze (R-Hilliard) and Lou Terhar (R-Green Township) today presented a resolution honoring more than 32,000 children of military families in the state of Ohio for their sacrifices as loved ones are deployed while serving in the Armed Forces.

"It is important that we acknowledge and support the children in our military families who undergo so much change," said Senator Kunze. "We must do all we can to provide the support necessary for them thrive in school and adjust socially and emotionally."

As a demographic, military-connected children number almost 4 million, 75% of whom are school-age. Almost every school district in America includes military-connected children and youth whose parents serve or served in the Active, Guard, and Reserve components of the Armed Forces. Over 80% of these students attend U.S. public schools while less than 8% attend Department of Defense schools.

Relocation is commonplace in the military, but frequent change can be difficult for children, especially as it relates to their education. The average military student attends between six and nine different school systems, between kindergarten and high school graduation.

April 25, 1986, the U.S. Secretary of Defense designated the month of April as the Month of the Military Child. Across the nation, states, communities, and schools celebrate this month in various ways, including wearing the color purple.

This year, the National Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission has selected Friday, April 21st as “Purple Up! For Military Kids” day.

The resolution passed with unanimous support. More information about efforts to support the transition of Ohio’s military children is available on the commission’s website.
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