Senate District 27
Frank LaRose
Ohio Senate District 27
Counties: Stark (part), Summit (part), Wayne
Senator Frank LaRose
Senate Building
1 Capitol Square, 2nd Floor
Hometown: Hudson
(614) 466-4823
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Senator Facts
Learn About Senator LaRose
Senator LaRose served a decade in the U.S. Special Forces as an Army Green Beret in Iraq, Kosovo, and with a counter-narcotics task force along the U.S.-Mexican border.
Senator LaRose achieved the rank of Eagle Scout as a youth and now serves on the executive board for the Great Trail Council for the Boy Scouts of America.
Senator LaRose chairs the Senate's Committee on Transportation, Commerce and Workforce which oversees the state's $7.8 billion budget to fund the construction, safety and maintenance of Ohio's roads, bridges and highways.

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