Senate District 27
Frank LaRose
LaRose Receives First Millennial Action Project Rising Star Award
Award recognizes legislators' leadership, commitment to bipartisanship
September 20, 2018
WASHINGTON –  Today, Millennial Action Project (MAP) announced that State Senator Frank LaRose (R-OH) and State Representative Caroline Simmons (D-CT) are the recipients of the organization’s first Rising Star Award. The award recognizes their outstanding leadership in enacting bipartisan legislation at the state-level, as well as their ongoing commitment to working with their colleagues across the aisle. 

"American Revolution, Reconstruction, Great Depression, World Wars, Moonshot, the Civil Rights Movement; each generation of Americans throughout history has had a mission, a challenge to overcome in our ongoing quest to form a more perfect union. I feel that our generation will face down the pervasive incivility, tribalism and gridlock that has defined American politics of late. As the generation currently picking up the mantle of leadership, we will make American civics function again!” said Senator LaRose. “I’m proud to partner with Millennial Action Project as we work to promote bipartisan dialogue and foster a sense of service above politics. MAP is making a difference throughout the nation and I’m so humbled to be recognized with their first Rising Star Award."

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