Senate District 22
Larry Obhof
Obhof Announces Passage of Legislation Providing Jobs and Support to Ohio Communities Recovering from COVID-19 Losses
June 18, 2020
Senate President Larry Obhof signs HB 481, which provides pandemic relief funding to Ohio's communities and ensures the continuation of public infrastructure projects and the jobs they support.

COLUMBUS—Senate President Larry Obhof (R-Medina) announced today that both chambers of the legislature recently approved Senate amendments to House Bill 481. The bill provides much needed pandemic relief funding to local communities, and it ensures the continuation of public infrastructure projects and the jobs they support. 

An amendment the Ohio Senate added to H.B. 481 authorizes the distribution of $350 million of federal CARES Act funding to counties, municipalities and townships across Ohio for COVID-19 pandemic-related expenses. 

“These resources provide critical relief,” said Obhof. “Our communities have been on the front lines of protecting Ohioans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Among other things, these resources will fund additional testing, which is crucial to getting people back to work as we reboot and rebuild Ohio’s economy.” 

Another amendment the Senate added reauthorizes $1.28 billion in funding for existing public infrastructure projects, many of which were approved in 2018 and subsequently begun across the state, supporting thousands of jobs for Ohioans. While no new dollars are being expended, the funding for these projects would have expired without this reauthorization.

These projects include much needed improvements to various public facilities across Ohio, including schools, colleges and universities, and roads, bridges and waterways, as well as veterans’ homes and mental health and addiction facilities.

“These projects, and the jobs they support, remain vitally important to the growth and recovery of our state and our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Obhof.

Funding for several projects in the 22nd Senate District continues with the passage of this bill, including, among others: 

  • Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center Workforce Development Center

  • Holmes County Center for the Arts

  • Medina County Safety Services Complex

  • Cleveland Clinic Children’s Outpatient Therapy Services in Medina county

  • Various building renovations and systems upgrades at North Central State College in Richland county

  • Raemelton Therapeutic Equestrian Center in Richland county

The underlying legislation in H.B. 481 authorizes the conveyance of 26 parcels of state-owned land. To learn more about all provisions in this bill, click here. House Bill 481 has been signed by President Obhof and has been sent to the Governor for his consideration.  The bill will become effective immediately upon the Governor’s signature.
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