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Larry Obhof
Strong Support for Ohio Senate's Budget Plan
June 24, 2019
COLUMBUS - The following is a summary of various statements issued this week in support of the Ohio Senate's state budget plan:

“The Ohio Senate’s budget bill includes a much-needed increase in funding for Ohio’s hunger relief network and the families we serve. On behalf of our 12 member foodbanks and 3,500 member agencies, THANK YOU for your leadership on this critical issue.”
Ohio Association of Foodbanks

“We applaud the Senate in recognizing that if we want to invest in our kids and families, beat the opioid epidemic, and reduce Ohio’s abysmal rates of infant deaths, we need a strong foundation of primary care – medical, dental, and behavioral health – and we need to cultivate this strong foundation in our hardest hit communities. Community Health Centers and the patients and communities they serve so well thank the Ohio Senate for their leadership and continued support.”
Julie DiRossi-King, Chief Executive Officer
Ohio Association of Community Health Centers

"The County Commissioners Association of Ohio commends the Ohio Senate for supporting the counties’ request to significantly increase funding to the counties for indigent defense reimbursement and providing additional dollars to the Local Government Fund. These Senate provisions indicate the Senate’s recognition of the need to support the state’s local government partners, and, for counties, is an important step in achieving the shared goal of a stronger state-county partnership.”
Julie Ehemann, President
County Commissioners Association of Ohio

“By maintaining Ohio’s business investor deduction (BID) in their revisions to Ohio’s operating budget, the Ohio Senate has shown their faith in the small business community. Our members are hiring and growing their businesses. State tax revenue continues a steady upward climb. These two factors demonstrate the previous tax reform measures are working, deserve the credit, and should have the chance to continue.”
Roger Geiger, Vice President and Executive Director
NFIB, Ohio

"Ohio has been a national leader in driving student success on our college campuses thanks to the performance-based funding formula wisely put into place by lawmakers several years ago. It’s a formula that’s working and is moving the needle to increase the number of students earning a job-focused certificate or degree. We’re delighted to see the Ohio Senate make important new investments into this winning strategy to help get more students job ready and address the state’s workforce needs.”
Jack Hershey, President and CEO
Ohio Association of Community Colleges

“We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the members of the Ohio Senate to ensure that Ohio’s future workforce and most precious asset – our children – remains at the top of the state’s policy priority list. We are grateful to the Ohio Senate for ensuring that the budget preserves important proactive child-health initiatives and funding for the more than 1.25 million children who rely on Medicaid for health care coverage.”
Deborah Feldman, President and CEO, Dayton Children’s Hospital and
Chair, Board of Directors, Ohio Children’s Hospital Association

“Seeds is grateful to the Ohio Senate for recognizing the importance of our one-to-one instructional model of adult education. Northeast Ohio has dangerous rates of adult illiteracy, particularly for communities of color and those living in poverty. We thank the Senate for ensuring that those adult Ohioans needing basic education will receive a proven, successful literacy program.”
Bonnie Entler, Executive Director
Seeds of Literacy

“The Nature Conservancy is glad to see the Senate support increased public input for the innovative water quality funding program – H2Ohio. We must address the devastating impacts of harmful algal blooms not just on Lake Erie, but also the Ohio River and inland waterways. We are pleased to see the Governor and General Assembly support this new funding program. The addition of Advisory Councils to OEPA, ODNR and ODA will get this program off to the strong start in needs and will help ensure that funding supports the most effective practices and projects.”
Bill Stanley, State Director
The Nature Conservancy

“Larry Obhof is leading the way to provide Ohio students more opportunities to succeed. The proposed budget ensures Ohio’s public schools can thrive, while opening doors for families to find the best school that meets their needs.”
Aaron Baer, President
Citizens for Community Values

“We appreciate this historic investment in the Assisted Living Waiver and PASSPORT by the Ohio Senate. Investing in home- and community-based services respects both older Ohioans and the Ohio taxpayer.”
Leading Age Ohio

“In the 100 years since the Ohio Revised Code established public hospitals, health care has greatly evolved.  The law has not kept up. That has placed public hospitals and the communities and people they serve at a significant disadvantage, resulting in closure or privatization of more than 70% of Ohio’s public hospitals. Since we first discussed this issue in late 2018, one public hospital has relinquished its public status, and another has announced its intention to do the same. The Ohio Senate understands the urgency in providing public hospitals with the tools necessary to serve rural and urban communities and the thousands of people who depend on them. Thank you President Obhof and Chairman Dolan for your leadership.”
Akram Boutros, MD, President and CEO
The MetroHealth System

“We applaud the Senate’s support for high quality early learning that improves outcomes for our youngest and most vulnerable children. This proven investment is critical to ensuring all kids have the opportunity to reach their full potential.”
Shannon Jones, Executive Director
Groundwork Ohio

“The Ohio Library Council would like to thank members of the Ohio Senate for their support and commitment to Ohio’s public libraries. The Senate’s budget will allow public libraries to provide the essential services that the residents of Ohio deserve and expect, regardless of zip code.”
Douglas Evans, Executive Director
Ohio Library Council

“We cannot express enough our appreciation to the Senate, the House and Gov. DeWine for prioritizing child safety, permanency and wellbeing in this budget. Targeted investments for kin caregivers, foster parents and addiction services will help county children services agencies achieve better outcomes for children and families."
Angela Sausser, Executive Director
Public Children Services Association of Ohio

“We appreciate the steps the Ohio Senate took today to provide a more stable tax structure for small businesses.”
Keith Lake, Vice President, Government Affairs
Ohio Chamber

"The Ohio Senate's budget offers a substantial improvement by cutting income taxes on hardworking Ohioans, which is one of the most pro-economic growth actions policymakers can take.”
Robert Alt, President and CEO
Buckeye Institute

“The Ohio Municipal League salutes the Ohio Senate’s state operating budget proposal which includes significant areas of support for Ohio’s cities and villages and is a clear statement of the importance of the state and local partnership. ”
Kent Scarrett, Executive Director
Ohio Municipal League

“82% of Ohioans express strong support for state investments in quality #earlyed. Thanks to the @OhioSenateGOP and @OhioSenateDems for listening to voters and supporting an additional $10 million investment in quality #childcare.
Invest in Children

“The Ohio Senate unanimously passed their version of the state budget, which includes a $5 million increase of funding for arts and culture totaling $34.5M for the biennium, a historic high level of funding!
Ohio Citizens for the Arts

“We are excited to see the Ohio Senate’s inclusion of the Safe Families legislation in the budget. The program is vital in protecting and supporting some of our most vulnerable families and children. It allows struggling parents to seek help and intervention from vetted families while getting their lives back on track. Additionally, the inclusion of $5 million dollars in the budget for the Ohio Parenting and Pregnancy Program will provide critical support and care for women and their families. This funding will impact countless mothers and babies by increasing the effectiveness and reach of Ohio’s 140+pregnancy resource centers.”
Stephanie Ranade-Krider, Vice President and Executive Director
Ohio Right to Life

“The business leaders of @ReadyNation appreciate @OhioSenateGOP and @OhioSenateDems commitment to building the workforce of today and tomorrow in the budget bill.”
Council for a Strong America

“This important investment will pay dividends in educational achievement, worker productivity and healthcare outcomes. It will tell the 2 million Ohioans we serve, including older adults, children, families, people living with disabilities and the working poor, that they are not alone, and that adequate, nutritious food is something that no one should go without.”
Lisa Hamler-Fugitt
Ohio Association of Foodbanks

“This budget proposal continues many of the good things introduced by Gov. DeWine…we are pleased to see the continued full funding for our parks, nature preserves and wildlife areas and $47 million for the purchase of AEP ReCreation Lands. We continue to push for long-term, dedicated funding for water quality. It is good to see this…major priority in this version of the budget.”
Kristy Meyer, Vice President
Ohio Environmental Council

“Thank you Ohio Senate leadership for addressing critical needs and supporting family opportunities for school choice, including Catholic schools, in the Senate budget bill.”
Frank O’Linn, Superintendent
Catholic Diocese of Cleveland

“Houses of Worship, schools, and community centers should be safe spaces, but instead have become potential targets.  We commend the leadership for acting now, before it is too late. Senate President Larry Obhof has understood this need for years, and made this a priority issue.  We are likewise appreciative of the support from other Senate leaders, including Minority Leader Kenny Yuko, President Pro Tem Bob Peterson, Majority Floor Leader Matt Huffman, and Assistant Minority Leader Cecil Thomas.  Finance Chairman Matt Dolan took an early interest in working this issue and we appreciate too the bipartisan support of the committee, led by Ranking Member Vernon Sykes.”
Howie Beigelman, Executive Director
Ohio Jewish Communities

“Western Governors University understands the part we play in helping adult learners pursue a new career in an in-demand job, and we’re grateful to the Ohio Senate for their support and recognition of the vital role we play in the state’s workforce development efforts.”
Rebecca Watts, Chancellor
Western Governors University

“With the Ohio Legislature, ODVS, OMHAS, and AMVETS working together with industry leaders in the private sectors medical technology, we can identify those gaps and develop treatment plans to address the individual needs of the Veteran. The veteran community has long borne the greatest personal cost in defense of our nation’s freedom and it is only fitting that when it comes to Veterans health, Ohio leads the way. We are asking all veterans in Ohio to reach out to their House of Representatives to support the Senate’s budget plan to bring this much-needed program (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for veterans with substance abuse disorders and mental illness) to the veterans of Ohio.”
AMVETS Department of Ohio

“Farm Bureau members commend the Ohio Senate for supporting small business and the environment in their 2019 operating budget. Two of our highest priorities were preservation of the business income deduction and a collaborative plan to address water quality challenges. Farm Bureau believes keeping those provisions in the budget is sound public policy.”
Adam Sharp, Executive Vice President
Ohio Farm Bureau

"Boys & Girls Clubs across Ohio commend the Ohio Senate @OhioSenateGOP @OhioSenateDems for investing in Ohio’s future by investing in Ohio’s youth!”
Boys & Girls Clubs of Ohio

“For the first time, we have support from Ohio’s Governor, House and Senate to attack this horrific problem (custody relinquishment for multi-system youth), and specific funding that will enable us to help these families to continue to support their children. It is especially heartening to see such broad bipartisan support for these families and many champions on both sides of the aisle.”
Gayle Channing Tenebaum
Ohio Multi-System Youth Coalition

“I applaud President Obhof and the Ohio Senate for passing a budget bill that would create the ResultsOHIO fund. With crises like addiction, infant mortality and others plaguing our state, now is the time to focus on producing results for the people of Ohio. Not only will ResultsOHIO help produce better outcomes for Ohioans, it will ensure state resources are directed to programs that actually work.”
Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague

“Thank you President Obhof and Senators Matt Dolan, Peggy Lehner, Lou Terhar and Andrew Brenner for supporting a graduation requirements system that will reduce reliance on testing and better prepare students for success in life after high school!”
Ohio Excels

“Thank you to members of the Ohio Senate for allocating funds in the budget proposal to begin filling the potholes left by PBMs within the Ohio Medicaid managed care program. This investment is an important step in fixing Ohio’s pharmacy crisis.”
Ohio Pharmacists Association

“Agudath Israel strongly supports the pro student policies proposed by the Ohio Senate. Members of the Ohio Senate should be lauded for their strong support of school choice and for their focus on ensuring education funding reaches its intended target, children of Ohio.”
Rabbi Eric “Yitz” Frank, Executive Director
Agudath Israel of Ohio

“The Ohio Senate’s version of the state operating budget includes innovation and forward-thinking education provisions that provide more Ohio Families with the education options they want. Students must be at the top of the priority list when determining what is best for education in Ohio, and the Senate version of the budget bill supports this.”
Kevin Bacon, President and CEO
School Choice Ohio

“All Ohio families deserve the opportunity to choose a school that fits their child’s individual needs. Yet private school options are often out of reach for poor and working-class parents. The Senate’s expansion of the income-based EdChoice program will give more hard-working families the opportunity to make this important choice for their children. Almost 50,000 students are using one of Ohio’s scholarship programs to attend a school of their choice. Many more are on waitlists. The Senate should be commended for putting Ohio families first and empowering them with school-choice opportunities.”
Chad Aldis, Vice President
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

“The Ohio Senate unveiled its revisions for the state’s biennial budget, including a proposal to largely restore the business income deduction for small businesses. The Greater Cleveland Partnership applauds this step in the right direction for the Ohio business community.”
Greater Cleveland Partnership

“This is a good start, as more – and younger – women, less likely to get insured, will be able to get early screening and necessary medical attention if they find abnormalities. Komen Columbus would like to thank Senator Larry Obhof, Senate Finance Chair Matt Dolan, Vice Chair Dave Burke and longtime advocate and supporter Peggy Lehner for their leadership on this expansion.”
Katie Carter, Executive Director
Komen Columbus

“I want to express our sincere thanks to members of the Ohio Senate for their investment in our children. More than 529,000 of Ohio’s children do not have enough to eat, and they rely on the healthy meals we help provide … this funding will allow us to reach them.”
Judy Mobley, President and CEO
Children’s Hunger Alliance

“Thank you Ohio Senate Republicans and Democrats for investing in hunger relief in the Ohio budget. This important support for Ohio’s foodbanks will not only prevent hunger, but also lift up Ohio farmers and pay dividends in educational achievement and positive healthcare outcomes.”
Carol Whitmer, Director, Ohio Food Program
Ohio Association of Foodbanks

“The other side of the aisle has worked closely with us to prioritize Ohio’s kids and families. There’s still work to do before June 30, but we believe that this budget is a step in the right direction.”
Senate Minority Leader Kenny Yuko (D, Richmond Heights)

“I’m encouraged by the compromises that have happened, the progress we’ve made and the path we have chosen during this budget process.”
Senator Vernon Sykes (D-Akron)

“I’m pleased to say that this is the first budget I’ve voted in favor of since taking office nearly a decade ago. In this budget, we see real investments in infant mortality reduction, healthy moms, lead abatement programs, wrap-around services, multi-system youth and strategies to address the opioid crisis.”
Senator Nickie Antonio (D, Lakewood)

“I’ve appreciated the openness of this budget and the Senate’s ability to work across the aisle in partnership. We have a budget that reflects the needs of everyday Ohioans more than any budget in the last decade. We’re investing more in our communities, our libraries and our families.”
Senator Sean O’Brien (D, Bazetta)
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