Senate District 29
Scott Oelslager
Attacking the Drug Epidemic, Ensuring Safe Use of Electric Bikes and Improving Ohio's Competitiveness
October 10, 2018
The Senate was successful in passing several pieces of legislation to ensure safe use of electric bikes, improve Ohio’s competitiveness by updating escheatment laws, and attacking the financial source of the opioid epidemic, during Session on September 25.

My colleagues in the Ohio Senate and I work hard to improve the lives the constituents we represent, and I appreciate the opportunity to update you on these and other issues before us in the legislature.

Attacking the Financial Source of the Opioid Epidemic: Amended Substitute House Bill 405 creates a specific counterfeiting law that empowers law enforcement to more immediately crack down on the counterfeiting investigations in Ohio that are tied to illicit drug activity. I co-sponsored this important legislation because of the devastating effects the opioid epidemic continues to have in Ohio and we as a legislature need to do everything we can to end this epidemic. 

Physician Assistant Modernization Act: Substitute Senate Bill 259 will streamline administrative procedures for Physician Assistants in Ohio, make technical corrections and provide statutory relief to ensure that these professionals are able to work to the fullest extent of their licensure and training. Additionally, it will allow physician assistants to spend more valuable time with patients and less time on paperwork.

Ensuring Safe Use of Electric Bikes on Our Streets: Amended Substitute House Bill 250 implements comprehensive and consistent rules to ensure electric bikes are used safely on streets in Ohio, while also encouraging the economic benefits and new transportation opportunities they provide. This legislation brings Ohio regulations in line with federal regulations on e-bikes, creating clarity for retailers, riders and law enforcement. 

Improving Ohio’s Competitiveness by Updating Escheatment Laws: I co-sponsored Substitute House Bill 353 to improve Ohio’s ability to compete with other states by exempting open-loop gift cards (such as a pre-paid debit card) from state escheatment laws, matching the current exemption for closed-loop gift cards (such as a store gift card). State escheatment laws require financial institutions to report when personal funds have been unclaimed or inactive for five years and then remit those funds to the state to be held in a trust until claimed by the owner. I spoke on the Senate floor in support of this bill because it will benefit consumers by allowing them to access gift card funds for a longer period of time and by eliminating some of the confusion surrounding claiming gift card funds.

In everything I do, whether it is in Columbus or back in my home district of Stark County, I will continue to make your priorities my priorities. With that goal in mind, I welcome your feedback and opinions at any time. Please do not hesitate to contact me by calling (614) 466-0626, emailing, or by writing me at 1 Capitol Square, Columbus, Ohio 43215.
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