Senate District 29
Scott Oelslager
Oelslager Announces Approval of Funds for Projects in Northeast Ohio
September 24, 2018

COLUMBUS– State Senator Scott Oelslager (R-North Canton) today announced that the Ohio Controlling Board has approved funds to make improvements at the Indian River Juvenile Correctional Facility, located in Massillon, Ohio.

"I applaud the Controlling Board for their appropriation of funds to the Indian River Juvenile Correctional Facility,” said Oelslager. “The work done at this facility is very important. It's crucial that we make improvements to keep this organization compliant with codes and standards." 

An appropriation in the amount of $14,600.02 has been released to ensure existing housing unit restrooms and showers are Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) compliant. The current layout does not allow for adequate privacy for the youth and does not comply with PREA standards. The new design will improve privacy, while still providing staff with the ability to monitor behavior. 

The Indian River Juvenile Correctional Facility serves male youth and is accredited by the American Correctional Association to provide a variety of services and treatment programs for rehabilitation of the occupants.

Additionally, the Controlling Board approved requests from the Department of Public Safety in the amount of $40,220.00 for the Ohio State Highway Patrol Dispatch Center renovations and improvements. 

There are currently eight State Highway Patrol Dispatch Centers, located throughout the state, that require renovations and improvements. These improvements will provide updated dispatch equipment, furnishings, heating, ventilation and air conditioning upgrades and repairs.

"These renovations will improve the working environments of our dispatch centers significantly," said Oelslager. "These individuals work hard to keep our communities safe, responding to the needs of our highway patrol and they deserve a high quality working environment."

Lastly, the Controlling Board approved a request from the Adjutant General's Department to waive competitive selection in the amount of $139,087.36 in order to carry out lead contamination remediation services in advance of the HVAC replacement project at the Alliance Army National Guard Readiness Center in Alliance, Ohio.

While the indoor firing range at Alliance has been cleaned, additional lead contamination was detected in the HVAC system which requires its replacement. The presence of lead contamination requires that removing the existing system must be handled by a qualified environmental services firm.

The Army National Guard Facilities Program will contribute all $139,087.36 for this project and provides Federal Funding for operation and minor maintenance in support of the code as listed in the Facility Inventory and Support Plan (FISP).

The FISP is a living document that is mutually agreed upon by the Department and the Army National Guard.

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