Senate District 33
Joseph Schiavoni
Schiavoni: Supreme Court's ECOT ruling "a victory for accountability and transparency"
August 8, 2018

Columbus – Today, state Senator Joe Schiavoni (D-Boardman) issued the following statement in response to the Ohio Supreme Court’s ruling on ECOT v. Ohio Department of Education.

“This is a victory for accountability and transparency. Senate Democrats have been saying for years that ECOT and other publicly funded online charter schools need to be held accountable, and the Supreme Court’s decision today confirms that we were right.

“Money that should have been spent on making sure students were logging in and learning went instead toward buying crystal paperweights from Tiffany’s and fancy mansions in Key West for the founder of ECOT, Bill Lager. Ohio Republicans, who for years received contributions from Lager and his associates, ignored their responsibility to exercise even the bare minimum form of oversight. Meanwhile Ohio public school teachers were buying their own supplies.

“Now it’s time for the Ohio General Assembly to pass Senate Bill 39, which would establish greater oversight of charter schools and protect students and taxpayer money. I introduced the bill in January 2017 and it’s been sitting in committee ever since. I ask my colleagues in the legislature to finally move it forward and take immediate action to prevent something similar from ever happening again. We owe it to our children.”

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