Senate District 15
Charleta B. Tavares
August 8, 2018
Today, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled on the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) v. Ohio Department of Education case finding that ECOT overcharged the State of Ohio $80 million for students it could not prove to have educated. State Senator Charleta B. Tavares (D-Columbus) issued the following statement in response:
July 31, 2018
On Monday, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed into law a bill sponsored by state Senators Charleta B. Tavares (D-Columbus) and John Eklund (R-Munson Township) to modernize Ohio's criminal justice system by providing more options for Ohio's non-violent offenders to get a second chance.
July 18, 2018
 Today, Ohio elected officials joined community leaders in opposing the Trump administration's rollback of the clean car standards, which increase fuel efficiency, reduce air pollution, grow jobs and innovation, and help curb climate change. Speakers condemned the proposed plan to roll back these popular and successful standards.  
July 17, 2018
Today, state Senator Charleta B. Tavares (D-Columbus) issued the following statement in response to President Donald Trump's performance at his joint news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki:
July 10, 2018
Today, state Senator Charleta B. Tavares (D-Columbus) supported the passage of Substitute House Bill 123 in the Ohio Senate. Sub. HB 123 aims to reform Ohio's payday lending industry and help protect Ohio consumers. 
June 27, 2018
Today the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision on the Janus vs. AFSCME case, stating that public-sector unions' fair share fees, collected from employees who decline to join a union but still benefit from their negotiations, are unconstitutional. The decision will essentially bring "right to work" to public sector workers across America. 

Ohio state Senator Charleta B. Tavares (D-Columbus) issued the following statement in response:
June 14, 2018
Today, state Senators Charleta B. Tavares (D-Columbus) and Cecil Thomas (D-Cincinnati) introduced a resolution, Senate Concurrent Resolution 25, denouncing President Trump's proposed "domestic gag rule" and affirming their support for medically-accurate, legal family planning services.
June 6, 2018
Today, state Senators Vernon Sykes (D-Akron) and Charleta B. Tavares (D-Columbus) provided sponsor testimony on the Child Gun Safety Act, Senate Bill 279, in the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee. SB 279 would require adult gun owners to keep their firearms housed in locked containers or secured by a trigger lock when a minor is present.
June 5, 2018
Today, state Senator Charleta B. Tavares' (D-Columbus) Senate Bill 16, which would require cultural competency training for health care professionals, will receive its second hearing in Senate Health, Human Services and Medicaid Committee.
May 31, 2018
State Senator Charleta B. Tavares (D-Columbus) recently introduced a bill, Senate Bill 302, to improve Ohio's poor health indicators by requiring the State to determine how all new rules and regulations would impact the health of Ohioans.
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