Senate District 15
Charleta B. Tavares
Tavares Presents on Bill to Increase Funding for Local Communities
November 13, 2018
Today, state Senator Charleta B. Tavares (D-Columbus) provided sponsor testimony on legislation to increase monthly allocations to the Local Government Fund in the Senate Finance Committee.

“Senate Bill 17 would restore the partnership between local and state governments. Cuts to local government funding were supposed to be temporary to address a state crisis. The crisis is now at the local level and the state should step up to help their local government partners,” said Sen. Tavares.

The Local Government Fund was created during the Great Depression with the intention of supporting local government activities and operating expenses. However, with massive cuts to the Local Government Fund since 2011, many communities in Ohio have been forced to increase taxes and fees while reducing necessary services. As such, local governments have had to rely on local levies in order to provide adequate fire, police, road and infrastructure repairs, mental health services and other services to their residents. Even with these levies, local governments are still struggling to generate the funding needed to provide necessary government services.

Senate Bill 17 would increase the monthly allocations to the Local Government Fund from 1.66 percent of the total tax revenue credited to the General Revenue Fund to 3.68 percent.
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