Senate District 8
Lou Terhar
Terhar Announces Relief for Military and Veterans Seeking Concealed Firearm Permit
June 28, 2018
COLUMBUS—State Senator Lou Terhar (R-Green Township) this week announced the House passage of his legislation to provide financial relief to active duty military and veterans who apply for a concealed handgun license.

Senate Bill 81 will waive the typically required $67 license fee that is otherwise necessary to obtain a concealed handgun license for applicants who honorably served in the United States military.

“Members of the military are arguably the most responsible and best trained group of gun owners in the country,” said Terhar. “This bill improves public safety by removing a financial barrier for our military members and veterans to protect themselves, family and community—which we should all welcome and encourage.”

Additionally, the bill allows anyone who holds a concealed handgun license to renew their license at any time before the expiration date.

The measure also makes changes so that an applicant who has been honorably discharged or retired is not required to take additional training if they can provide a firearms competency certification from their time in service.

The total amount for fees that can be waived will be capped at $1.5 million dollars each calendar year. Waivers will be issued on a first come, first served basis.

The bill now goes to the Governor's desk for signing.
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