Senate District 8
Lou Terhar
Terhar Introduces Resolution Honoring Strong Economic Relationship Between Ohio and Taiwan
November 14, 2017
COLUMBUS—State Senator Lou Terhar (R-Cincinnati) has introduced a resolution in the Ohio Senate that would recognize and encourage efforts to further strengthen Ohio's economic relationship with its sister-state, Taiwan. 

Senate Resolution 318 recognizes the strong economic ties developed since the early 1990s. Taiwan is an important market for Ohio’s growing economy, and its sixth largest Asian market for exports from Ohio. In 2016, Ohio companies exported more than $424 million worth of products to Taiwan.

Several Taiwanese companies have invested in Ohio, including Blue Ash-based automation company, Advantech. Senator Terhar hopes the resolution will boost awareness of the possibilities for furthering economic ties with Taiwanese business leaders.

“Taiwan is a strong democracy and a beacon of individual and economic freedom in Asia,” Terhar said. “I hope this resolution will, in some small way, assist in expanding our economic and cultural ties with Taiwan and promote a strengthening of its democratic form of government.”

Senator Terhar visited Taiwan in 2016 to work with political and business leaders to further trade relationships between Taiwan and Ohio.
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