Senate District 14
Joe Uecker
Finishing Strong with Important Governor's Veto Overrides
A Guest Column by Senator Joe Uecker
December 28, 2018
My colleagues in the Ohio Senate and I make every effort to improve the lives of the people we represent, and we have been hard at work during this "lame-duck" legislative season to enact important changes before the 132nd General Assembly comes to a close. A number of those important pieces of legislation, after being thoroughly and thoughtfully vetted by both the Ohio Senate and Ohio House of Representatives, were vetoed by Governor Kasich.

This week, the legislature once again took another look at legislation that was vetoed by the governor, but many believe should still be enacted into law. The legislature needs a 3/5 constitutional majority to override, which equates to 20 votes in the Ohio Senate.

First, we were able to successfully override the Governor's veto of House Bill 228 (Rep. Terry Johnson - McDermott), which makes important changes to shift the requirement for an individual to prove they are innocent in a self-defense situation to instead require the prosecution to prove them guilty… like every other state in the United States. While I was disappointed that we passed a removal of the duty to retreat (inaccurately known as stand your ground) from the bill during the committee process, I am proud we were able to get this over the goal line. I look forward to readdressing some of the other issues and continuing this difficult discussion in the 133rd General Assembly.

Additionally, I regret that despite my vote to override the Governor's veto of legislation to end abortions after there is a detectable heartbeat, the Senate was only able to come up with 19 votes, one short of a successful override. It is possibly the strongest piece of pro-life legislation I have had the privilege to work on in my fourteen years in the legislature. I look forward to once again taking up this issue in the 133rd General Assembly under a new Governor.
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