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Joe Uecker
Ohio's Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus Celebrates National Hunting and Fishing Day
September 21, 2018
Hunting and fishing with family and friends brings many happy memories both as a child and adult. In fact, some of my earliest memories are of fishing the small ponds of Clermont County with my maternal grandfather, a man whom I model my “grandfather style” after.  While considered “city dwellers” by definition, our dad also took the time to take us hunting for grouse and pheasant in the hills and valleys of Adams County. At times, we even enjoyed exploring the Little Miami River via canoe while frog gigging. These are traditions that I cherish from my childhood, and have carried them over with my children and grandchildren.

Saturday, September 22nd marks the 46th annual National Hunting and Fishing Day. As Co-Chair of the Ohio Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus and member of the 48-state National Assembly of Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucuses, I encourage you to join me in recognizing the historical and ongoing contributions of sportsmen and women throughout Ohio. 

This day is a time for us to celebrate and appreciate the traditions of hunting and angling. Without these traditions, Ohio would not be what it is today. The American System of Conservation Funding allows hunters and anglers throughout Ohio to participate in a “user pays public benefit system."  Through purchases of tags and stamps, ammunition, archery equipment, fishing tackle, motorboat fuel and other equipment, our sportsmen and women were able to contribute $23.2 million to conservation efforts in just one year.  Sales of hunting and fishing licenses brought in an additional $38.5 million.

This funding benefits all Ohioans by providing access to public lands, public shooting ranges, improved soil and water quality, habitat restoration, aquatic and wildlife research, hunter education, boat access area construction and many other projects through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. As you can see, hunting and fishing provide countless benefits to our state’s conservation funding, but they are also huge drivers for our economy. Our sportsmen and women spend over $2.75 billion per year while supporting 46,825 jobs and contributing $301 million in state and local taxes.

With such a significant impact on our state, it is important that we invest time and effort to encourage future participation in these traditions. The heritage of hunting and angling should not be taken for granted and we must remember R3—recruitment, retention and reactivation. Our R3 programs need your assistance in getting the next generation of Ohio sportsmen and women involved to help ensure the conservation of Ohio’s abundant and natural resources in the future. 

It is my hope that you will take part in celebrating this occasion and the plentiful opportunities we have to hunt and fish in Ohio. With the help of every hunter and angler in Ohio, regardless of age, we can ensure the future of the outdoor pursuits we celebrate.  

Remember, anytime is a good time to start making your family traditions and memories.

More information on National Hunting and Fishing Day is available or on the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation website at
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