Senate District 14
Joe Uecker
May 25, 2016
“The abortion industry’s practice of sending these dead babies to landfills further demonstrates these entities' utter disregard for the sanctity of human life, even in death,” said Uecker. “This law takes steps to help protect the dignity of babies whose lives ended too soon at the hands of abortionists.”
April 29, 2016
"This bill recognizes the extensive firearm instruction that service men and women undergo during military training," said Uecker. "We must ensure that our military members have the necessary resources to protect themselves without subjecting them to burdensome and redundant credentialing."
April 27, 2016
State Senator Joe Uecker (R-Miami Township) this evening issued the following statement on the passing of Ohio's former Chief of Wildlife Scott Zody:
April 13, 2016
“In collaboration with our local partners, we were able to identify projects that will have a significant impact on our communities," said Uecker. "We placed a strong emphasis on services and infrastructure which support Ohioans who are most in need."
April 4, 2016
"I look forward to working with my colleagues as we continue efforts to make government more efficient while enhancing services for Ohioans," said Uecker. "I am deeply honored to have been chosen to lead this distinguished committee." 
April 4, 2016
“Whether you are a small business in Ohio or simply a citizen dealing with regulation, I think everyone can agree we should have standards for notifying the public, making sure rules are consistent with state law and that there is an oversight process that is public,” said Uecker. “This bill is a step toward making the rule process fair for everyone, and especially small businesses."
March 31, 2016
Meals on Wheels allows seniors to live independently and provides reassurance for family members concerned for elderly loved ones. Since its inception 45 years ago, Meals on Wheels has been supported by more than 2 million volunteers nationwide.
March 7, 2016
"Excessive demands and regulations implemented by the federal government have moved far beyond our Founding Fathers' intent, which was to protect the states' ability to govern and serve their citizens," said Uecker. "I'm proud to stand with my fellow state lawmakers in calling on all of our presidential candidates to publicly recognize their commitment to supporting a balance of power."
February 9, 2016
"Legislative fellows play an integral role in Ohio's legislative process," said Uecker. "With many fellows moving on to successful public service careers, this program is the perfect opportunity for recent college graduates interested in expanding their knowledge of state government."
January 14, 2016
"Communities like Portsmouth represent the best America has to offer," said Uecker. "Smaller, rural communities often face great adversity yet work together as a community to ensure success and revitalization."
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