Senate District 21
Sandra R. Williams
Senator Williams Celebrates Passage of Senate Bill 82, Alianna Alert
April 11, 2018
Today, Senator Williams applauds the Ohio State Senate for the favorable passage (33-0) of Senate Bill 82, known as the Alianna Alert. After over a year of hearings and testimony, Senate Bill 82 received bipartisan support and the legislation will now move to the House of Representatives.

“The events that took place surrounding the abduction and tragic death of Alianna DeFreeze are horrific. It is also terrifying that Alianna’s family was unaware that she was missing from school for such a long period of time. I sponsored this legislation to take precautionary measures to ensure that every child is safe, specifically those students who are not transported by the school system.”

If passed into law, the bill requires schools to call parents within one hundred and twenty minutes of the start of the school day, if their child has been marked absent. Currently, Ohio law is silent on school districts contacting parents when their child is not there.

“Time is a very important factor in finding a missing person. Senate Bill 82 does not aim to blame school districts for what happened to Alianna or other missing children across the state,” said Senator Williams. “It is simply designed to make sure that across Ohio parents are made aware when their children are not in school and can take quick, necessary action to find them if they don’t know where they are.”

Additional information, including the draft of the document and its current legislative status is available here.
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