Columbus – Today, State Senator Shirley Smith (D-Cleveland) introduced placeholder legislation to ban assault weapons throughout Ohio, create a firearm registration database to track the sales of firearms and ammunition, and limit the size of a magazine to nine bullets or fewer. 

“While we cannot stop every act of suffering inflicted upon the public by depraved individuals, I believe that it is our responsibility to limit access to unreasonably dangerous weapons and to hold each person accountable for their firearm purchases,” said Senator Smith.

This bill (SB 18) is considered a placeholder because Senator Smith is still meeting with groups on all sides of this issue.  She will introduce a substitute bill after all stakeholders have been consulted.  

“I hope that extensive discussion with these interested parties will lead to reasonable compromise on a bill that can pass with bipartisan support,” said Senator Smith.  “The Second Amendment has deep roots in American history, but we also must recognize that our rights and freedoms come with real responsibilities.” 

“Gun control is a complex subject, and I appreciate and understand its cultural intricacies,” Senator Smith continued. “I have introduced this legislation because of the recent horrific episodes of mass murder in the United States.  Even in Ohio, three youth were killed at their high school.  In just four different situations, 48 innocent lives were taken by gunmen last year. These 48 reasons teach us why it is important to ban weapons that increase the efficiency of killing humans.”

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