COLUMBUS— Today, State Sen. Nina Turner (D-Cleveland) reacted to the passage of two restrictive and unnecessary election bills that passed the Ohio House and Senate. Senate Bills 205 and 238 make changes to absentee voting that will, among other things, reduce the number of days for absentee voting.

“Voting is a fundamental American right, and Ohio lawmakers should be doing everything in their power to encourage and protect opportunities to cast a ballot. These two unnecessary and overly restrictive bills are an insult to the generations-long struggle to advance ballot access in our state and nation.

“The weight of the evidence does not support the claims of those who say these bills are necessary. Fraudulent votes are exceptionally rare—just 135 reports out of 5.9 million votes cast in 2012, and only one conviction. Our current laws have proven to be capable of dealing with these few instances. These bills will make it harder for Ohioans to utilize valuable voting opportunities, and put rules in place that will make it easier to throw out valid ballots, without any evidence proving such measures are necessary.

“Given that thousands of ballots are thrown out every election, and that countless citizens are prevented from voting for one reason or another, further restricting access and erecting arbitrary hurdles makes no sense. Our election system should voter-focused, pure and simple.

“It’s time to stop using election policy as a political tool, and start finding ways to ensure that all Ohioans’ voices are heard.”

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Task Force On Community-Police Relations Announced Today


COLUMBUS—Today, State Senator Nina Turner (D-Cleveland) joined Governor John Kasich, Attorney General Mike DeWine, State Rep. Sandra Williams (D-Cleveland), State Rep. Alicia Reece (D-Cincinnati), and executive cabinet members to announce the creation of the Ohio Task Force on Community and Police Relations. The Task Force will be charged with examining the causes and consequences of the lack of trust between law enforcement personnel and some of the communities they serve, and develop action steps to strengthen it.


VIDEO: Senator Turner Joins Governor Kasich, Representatives Reece And Williams To Announce A New Task Force On Community-Police Relations


Today, Senator Nina Turner (D-Cleveland) joined Governor Kasich and Representatives Alicia Reece (D-Cincinnati) and Sandra Williams (D-Cleveland) to announce the creation of a new task force to improve community and police relations in Ohio. 

"We want to have honest discussions about how we can make a difference," said Senator Turner. "No group of people should have the burden of skin." 

Senator Turner's remarks begin at 6:53. 


Senator Turner Votes Against Reckless Tax Reform Bill


COLUMBUS—Today, the Ohio Senate voted nearly along party lines to pass House Bill 5, a measure that proponents claim will standardize Ohio’s myriad municipal tax systems. However, the bill will impose uniformity in such a way that will cost local governments across the state an estimated $82 million per year according to a recent report by Innovation Ohio. When combined with other tax-shifting cuts passed by the legislature in recent years, the same report places the total impact upon local governments across the state at just under half a billion per year.


Senator Turner Applauds Passage Of Senate Bill 148


COLUMBUS—Today, Senate Bill 148, which designates a portion of Interstate 271 through the city of Bedford Heights as the “Army Pvt. Brandon Sloan Memorial Highway,” received final approval from the Ohio House. The chamber’s unanimous vote in support of the measure is the final legislative step necessary for the highway’s designation.