S. B. No. 278
General Assembly: 134
Short Title: Designates Ohio Burn Awareness Week
Long Title: To amend sections 3717.33, 3717.52, 4301.62, 4501.21, 6109.01, 6109.072, and 6109.24 and to enact sections 5.083, 5.2532, 5.2533, 5.2534, 5.294, 4303.186, and 4503.964 of the Revised Code to make various designations, to revise the law governing environmental health specialists and environmental health specialists in training, to create the D-9 liquor permit, to eliminate public water system asset management program requirements for transient noncommmunity water systems, and to create the "Chardon High School State Football Champs" license plate.
Primary Sponsor(s): Senator Peterson
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