Senate District 19
Andrew O. Brenner
DISPATCH: Where I Eat: Andrew Brenner
March 28, 2019

Q: How often do you eat out?

A: Probably 2 or 3 times a week or more because I’m out quite a bit.

Q: What are your favorite neighborhood places?

A: It depends where I am in the district, since I represent District 19. Sometimes I have lunch meetings at Local Roots (15 E. Olentangy St., Powell) or Liberty Tavern (50 N. Liberty St., Powell). Also Shorty’s (Pizza & Growl, 9721 Sawmill Road, Powell), which is a bar and pizza place. I like the different menus of food since I’ve got a lot of lunch meetings. Other times I’ll meet with constituents. One night we would like some Mexican, the next maybe some Italian. Vittoria (10241 Sawmill Parkway, Powell) is more of a fancy restaurant; it’s Italian. In Delaware, I go to Bun’s Restaurant (14 W. Winter St.). It has some Greek mix to it because the owner’s Greek. In Knox County, I’ll be at the Alcove (Restaurant & Lounge, 116 S. Main St., Mount Vernon). Both have general food.

Q: What about in Columbus?

A: I go to Graze (1 Capitol Square), which is located in the Statehouse, because I’m usually in a hurry. There’s several bar and grills here in Downtown Columbus that I would go to as well. They include Danny’s Deli (37 W. Broad St.) and Ringside Cafe (19 N. Pearl St.). However, there are also a lot of others I stop into.

Q: How about for breakfast?

A: I haven’t gone there recently, but there is a place in Shawnee Hills that I would go to once in a blue moon, Hellas Carryout (9346 Dublin Road, Shawnee Hills). Usually I get scrambled eggs or something simple, like oatmeal.

Q: How about for ethnic fare?

A: Thai Orchid (8736 Moreland St., Powell) or Azteca (Mexican Grill, 3962 Powell Road, Powell) or Senor Antonio’s (8617 Columbus Pike, Lewis Center) for Mexican. Saffron Indian Grill (230 W. Olentangy St., Powell) is one my father-in-law likes.

Q: Any last words about eating out?

A: There’s a wide variety of good, diverse restaurants in Columbus, and we’re privileged to have that.

— Megan Sharp


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