Senate District 19
Andrew O. Brenner
Senate Passes Brenner Bill Clarifying Employee Overtime Pay Qualifications
December 10, 2020
COLUMBUS—State Senator Andrew Brenner (R-Powell) announced that yesterday the Ohio Senate passed Senate Bill 243, which clarifies Ohio's overtime wage statute to specify when employees qualify for overtime pay and aligns the statute with Federal Law. 
"This legislation is necessary due to a federal change in the U.S. Department of Labor's new overtime rule and the reality that more employees are working from home," Brenner said. "Senate Bill 243 will increase flexibility for the employee on how they accomplish their work duties and removes employer incentives to prohibit employees from accessing work material at home."
The bill would exempt an employer from having to pay overtime wages when an employee is traveling to and from a worksite. It also clarifies that a small amount of time spent performing tasks outside the normal work day without specific direction from their employer are not included in overtime.
Senate Bill 243 will now go to the House for consideration.
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