Senate District 15
Hearcel F. Craig
Craig Comments on CSRAB Meeting
July 16, 2020

Today, state Senator Hearcel Craig (D-Columbus) issued the following statement after the meeting of the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board (CSRAB):

“Today, I voted to create a policy for the removal of monuments from Capitol Square. However, the removal of the Christopher Columbus statue from the Statehouse grounds is already long overdue and should not take us another five years to do so.

“Last month, Christopher Columbus statues were removed from outside City Hall and Columbus State. Those were positive steps toward reshaping the narrative surrounding our city’s namesake. We must remove our city’s remaining Christopher Columbus statue to further demonstrate our commitment to combatting the lingering racism and oppression resulting from his legacy. Citizens around Ohio do not condone divisiveness and egregious injustice, and do not want to see symbols of oppression on their public properties.”

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