Senate District 15
Hearcel F. Craig
Craig Congratulates Columbus Hall of Fame Inductees
May 4, 2022

Today, state Senator Hearcel F. Craig (D-Columbus) congratulated the 2022 class of the City of Columbus Hall of Fame: Maude Hill, Mary Teresa Funk, Rev. Dr. James Poindexter and Ned Pettus Jr., whom Senator Craig spoke about during the ceremony.

“It was a great honor to speak about Ned Pettus Jr. and his illustrious public service career with the Columbus Division of Fire and Department of Public Safety,” Sen. Craig said. “All those who were inducted today truly deserve recognition for their service to the community. These individuals and their contributions are what makes Columbus great.”

The City of Columbus Hall of Fame honors current and former Columbus residents who have gained national recognition through their accomplishments, service or other achievements. Current members include former Ohio Governor and former Mayor of Columbus James Rhodes, former Ohio State football player Archie Griffin and community activist Catherine Willis.

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