Senate District 18
John Eklund
Eklund Delivers $750,000 to Chardon Local Schools to Support Healing
October 2, 2015

State Senator John Eklund (R-Munson Township) Thursday joined Director Tracy Plouck of the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services to present a $750,000 check to Chardon Local School District officials for recovery services to support the victims of the 2012 Chardon school tragedy. 

"These funds will help to offer recovery services to the Chardon school community as it continues to heal from tragedy," said Eklund. "For some, the struggle to find a sense of normalcy after the 2012 tragedy is ongoing, but we must continue to extend both prayers and resources to this community."

The state funds will be used to provide comprehensive mental health services for students and members of the community affected by the incident. Services will be available for students even after they have completed their high school coursework.

Chardon Local School District Superintendent Michael Hanlon, joined by a group of high school student leaders, accepted the check during the event at the Chardon Board of Education.

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