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John Eklund
Eklund Delivers State Funds to Address Portage County Storm Water Issues
August 11, 2015
Senator Eklund (center) joins Portage County Emergency Management Director Ryan Shackelford (far left); County Engineer Mickey Marozzi (second from left); Commissioners Vicki Kline (third from left) a

State Senator John Eklund (R-Munson) presented Portage County officials with a check today for storm water improvements to address serious flooding problems that threaten the Aurora East community.

"Flooding has devastated too many families in this community, but today we are another step closer to a solution," said Eklund. “Ohio's improving performance has allowed us to tackle this need right here in Shalersville.” 

Senator Eklund advocated for the inclusion of funds in the recent state operating budget to address the storm water problem in Portage County and surrounding areas. An appropriation for $300,000 was approved by the legislature and signed by Governor Kasich earlier this summer. Combined with local dollars, these funds will be used to develop long-term solutions to area flooding that have strained local resources. 

Portage County Commissioners Maureen Frederick and Vicki Kline were joined by County Engineer Mickey Marozzi to receive the payment from Senator Eklund who delivered the check on behalf of the state of Ohio. Others in attendance at today's event were Shalersville Township Trustees Nancy Vines and Dennis Bujak; and Ryan Shackelford who serves as director of the Portage County Emergency Management Agency. 

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