Senate District 2
Theresa Gavarone
Gavarone Announces Senate Energy Plan to Protect Ratepayers, Taxpayers, and Jobs
June 26, 2019

COLUMBUS— The Senate today introduced Substitute House Bill 6, which would keep Davis-Besse open, modify the state’s renewable energy targets and lower energy rates for Ohioans.

The substitute version to House Bill 6 reforms renewable energy mandates, requires the owner of Davis-Besse to undergo a rigorous, yearly auditing process and prevents cities across Ohio from losing millions of dollars due to past investments in renewable energy products.

“I appreciated hearing from constituents and working with Senate Leadership, Chairman Steve Wilson, and my colleagues to improve the legislation,” said State Senator Theresa Gavarone (R-Bowling Green). “The result of our work, in addition to protecting thousands of jobs in northern Ohio, encourages investment in all forms of renewable energy, provides enhanced accountability for taxpayer dollars, and maintains decreases of current energy prices for consumers.”

Under the House-passed bill, cities were excluded from participating in the Ohio Clean Air Program. The exclusion would result in cities across Ohio losing millions of dollars and being forced to raise electricity prices for consumers. Bowling Green, a city in Senator Gavarone’s district, stands to lose $400,000 per year because of provisions in the original bill.

“Theresa is not only listening to Bowling Green, but she is trying to do something about it,” said Bowling Green Mayor Richard Edwards.

This legislation will undergo further hearings before the Senate's Energy and Public Utilities committee, scheduled to meet on Thursday this week. 

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