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Theresa Gavarone
Gavarone Bill Supporting Swimming Safety and Access to Lessons Signed into Law
June 19, 2020
State Senator Theresa Gavarone joins Senate President Larry Obhof as he signs House Bill 65 before sending the bill to Governor DeWine.

COLUMBUS—Governor DeWine today signed House Bill 65 which included an amendment by State Senator Theresa Gavarone (R-Bowling Green) to ensure children have access to swim lessons and certified swim instructors have the ability to continue teaching lessons during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Current law only allows for swimming lessons to be taught at public pools, many of which will not open this year because of the pandemic.

This amendment will allow certified swimming classes to take place at a residential swimming pool without requiring the instructor to obtain a public swimming pool license.

The swim instructor must be certified by Infant Self Rescue (ISR), American Red Cross or any other nationally accredited organization that operates in all fifty states.

"I am grateful to my colleagues and President Obhof for swiftly passing this legislation and to Governor DeWine for signing it today," said Gavarone. "I am glad we were able to update the law quickly to ensure that swim instructors can teach our children life-saving swim lessons through House Bill 65.”

The amendment included an emergency clause making it effective immediately after the Governor signed the bill.
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