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Theresa Gavarone
Governor DeWine Signs Gavarone Bill to Better Protect Ohioans from Cyber Attacks
October 25, 2019
COLUMBUS—Governor DeWine today signed legislation, sponsored by State Senator Theresa Gavarone (R-Bowling Green), which will create the Ohio Cyber Reserve—a new division of the Ohio National Guard that specializes in cybersecurity.

The new force will consist of qualified, civilian cybersecurity experts and maintain regional Cyber Response Teams capable of deterring, mitigating and remedying cyber attacks against our local governments, businesses, critical infrastructure and citizens.

Additionally, the bill includes stronger auditing requirements that will ensure the accuracy and integrity of elections while also giving Ohioans increased confidence when submitting a ballot. 

“I want to thank President Obhof for supporting this legislation and Governor DeWine for signing this very important bill today so that Ohioans will be better protected from devastating cyber attacks," said Gavarone. 

Senator Gavarone worked jointly with numerous interested parties, including Secretary of State Frank LaRose, Adjutant General John Harris and the Ohio Association of Election Officials, a bipartisan organization representing employees of county boards of elections.

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